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Playing follow the leader in politics

Scott Bannon Posted by Scott Bannon

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When everybody knows that stupid is as stupid does

Patty Wetterling

I understand that the temptation for Democrats to use the Foley scandal against Republicans in campaigns across the country is inviting and juicy, but it won’t work. It’s not going to sway anyone away from Republicans or energize voters who aren’t already planning to participate in the mid-term elections for Democrats. It’s just going to make the Democrats who use it look opportunistic and slimy. Remember, this is a Republican Congressman’s scandal, but the victim was a child–so exploiting this for political gain is nearly as reprehensible as Foley’s actions were.

There’s simply no way to use this and make it come across as just an attack on Republicans. It will always hold the appearance of being an exploitation of the victim as well.

I’ve written over and over against the negative and childish campaign politicking of several Republicans already during this election year. In each of their cases the negative campaigning seems to be working best for their opponents. Voters are looking for leaders with a record of results and/or new ideas for solutions to the problems we face at home and abroad, not schoolyard behaviors.

Republican voters aren’t–and shouldn’t–going to hold every member of their party responsible for the actions of Foley or a select few in the Republican leadership who may or may not have had advanced knowledge of Foley’s actions.

Unenthusiastic voters aren’t going to accept this as a call to action against all Republicans and suddenly decide to participate on November 7th, because it comes across as being in such poor taste to exploit the victim by Democrats they’re just going to see it as one more reason not to be enthused and stay home.

Patty Wetterling[D] is running for Congress in Minnesota. She already has an ad using this scandal on the air and I can honestly say that were I a resident of the district she’s running in she’d have lost my vote because of it. I expect and hope that Democrats who do live in the district she’s running in feel the same.

It’s really simple to me. I believe that a change in leadership is needed for America, but I also believe a change in the kind of leaders we elect is needed as well.

Stop telling me how bad your opponents are. I’ll decide that for myself and don’t need your help.

Stop trying to tear your opponents down so that you look better. It doesn’t make you look better, it makes you look like spoiled children with poor manners.

Just tell me what you’ve done or tried to do, and what fresh ideas you have for the future. Everything beyond that turns me off. And keep in mind that I’m not an anomaly with this point of view, I’m a voter who cares about my country.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Playing follow the leader in politics”

  2. By Political Commentary | Reply to article

    Foley obviously doesn’t represent the whole of the Republicans and shouldn’t be used by the Dems as a campaign issue, period.

  3. By David Jackmanson | Reply to article

    What the scandal might do is encourage ‘values’ Republicans to stay at home, which would help the Democrats.

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