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My God is better than your God

The dangers of Organized Religions In high school there were jocks, geeks, burn-outs, preppies, stoners, loners and players. In the real world there are Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Pagans and etc. Social Cliques created and directed by--and to serve the interests of--people. Organized Religions have nothing to do with spirituality or an ...

Pat Robertson vs. the Pope?

After the Holy See's dismissal of the Intelligent Design theory Robertson's comments sound like pre-fight boxer banter Voters in Dover, Pennsylvania on Tuesday rejected the idea of teaching Intelligent Design to their children in science classrooms by replacing 8 republican school board members who originally pushed for it with Democrats who ...

According to the Vatican: Evolution is in the bible

Science vs. Religion - oh no - Science and Religion Given the November 8th election results in Kansas, where creationists want Intelligent Design to get equal time with evolution in science classrooms, and Dover, Pennsylvania where a pending court case over this same issue seems to have cost 8 republican ...