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Darn Activist Judges Who Legislate from the Bench

You hear about it all the time, of course it seems to normally come from the conservative right, but in a ruling today the right wing of the Supreme Court showed they have no hesitations in creating law rather than simply interpreting it as they're supposed to do. In a ruling ...

A Little Alito Goes A Long Way

Leaders among the Senate Democrats are scrambling today to determine whether or not they can sustain a filibuster of Judge Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court. Immune to the embarrassment they should be feeling after the shameful acts of Senators Kennedy, Leahy, Biden and others during the Alito confirmation ...

America may become more divided than it ever has been over Alito confirmation process

Just how wide can the great divide get? Senators, an almost equal number from both parties it appears by my account, have some deep concerns over Judge Samuel A. Alito's views on some very hot-topic issues. The separation of Church and State, Abortion Rights -- and the "scope of federal power under ...

Latest reality show is a huge hit: Supreme Court Supremacy

The Left and Right battles over nominations of Supreme Court Justices belittles the importance of our land's highest court Okay, perhaps I'm ultra naive -- but I've always believed deep down that partisanship politics only went so far and in the end our leaders would ultimately realize that the importance of ...