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Is It Time For A Real Change In American Politics?

In the past I have always believed that two (or more) strong political parties was a good thing for our country, because with strong opposing forces it prevented us from straying too far in either idealogical direction. Sure we've gone off course now and then over our history, but we ...

Clintonomics 2.0?

Image via Wikipedia Regardless of party affiliations, there are few who can keep a straight face while arguing that the American economy didn't flourish during President Clinton's time in office. And rightly so, because it was 2 Presidential terms of upwards economic growth. From an era of outrageous deficit spending and ...

It’s The Spend-Happy Congress Strikes Back

2 Days ago there was a new hope. We witnessed something rare and amazing in American politics, the voice of the people was heard and Congress struck down the horribly stupid Bill to bailout horribly wealthy CEO's, Owners, Presidents and Board Members of horribly managed financial institutions. You can debate why ...

What Does A Bailout Really Mean For You?

[caption id="attachment_124" align="alignleft" width="260" caption="Bailout for Wall Street?"][/caption] So, the administration is planning to bailout a bunch of financial institutions which made poor choices, hmmm... is that the same administration which fought against helping home owners over the past year because they "made poor choices"? Lets look at what some of these ...