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The president has the right to… what?

Debunking de-junk --or-- What you should have learned in skoole! In a recent conversation about the NSA's domestic spying program I was informed that "the president has a right to order wire taps on Americans or anyone else within our borders to protect us". Having already published several pieces regarding the domestic ...

Reasonable Suspicion is good enough, unless you’re a foreigner

How can we set higher standards for the treatment of non-U.S. citizens than our own by the U.S. government? Something that's come from coverage of the president's domestic spying program now, is that the administration feels that "reasonable suspicion" is enough to justify using unwarranted wire-taps and other means of surveillance ...

Bush Says Surveillance Legal and Necessary

"It's amazing that people say to me, `Well, he's just breaking the law" the president says. Well, it's somewhat amazing to me--as well as other Americans I hope and believe--that the president has been authorizing the spying, through use of unwarranted wire taps, on lawful American citizens and doesn't seem to ...

There is no black and white in security vs. privacy issues

So it's not just an either-or option. Focus is on whether or not President Bush has (had) legal authority to order the wire tapping of American citizens within the U.S. Opponents feel it's an unnecessary violation of American's Constitutional Rights and Protections, supporters of the President say it's warranted by the need ...