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Chelsea, Tell Us About The Lewinsky Scandal

Scott Bannon Posted by Scott Bannon

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Because It Matters To… Who? Why? Dolt!

Chelsea Clinton

Over and over folks are rising when Chelsea Clinton appears to speak… to ask her about the Monica Lewinski scandal. How this is honestly relevant now, and to whom completely escapes me, but before I condemn the questioners or say the topic is out of line I decided to ponder why this topic is being thrown up to Chelsea.

Lets face it, this is America. It’s full of Americans, and if some want to base their presidential votes on some poor judgment and indiscretions that were made a decade ago by someone who isn’t even a candidate in the current race–instead of making their voting choices based on current issues like the economy, the multiple wars we’re involved in or… okay, the list just goes on and on–but if some people feel none of that is as important as the Lewinski scandal, well, that’s their right.

But why ask Chelsea these questions? Given her age at the time of the scandal I can’t understand any reasoning for asking these questions of her other than that the questioners are spineless dweebs getting off on trying to make a young woman uncomfortable in some way.

If this question is so important to you, grow a pair and take it to Bill. He’s out on the campaign trail, call out and challenge him on it if it really matters so much to you today.

The repeated pushing of Chelsea on this only serves to show exactly what’s wrong with our political process in America today, we the people.

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