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Step Back, Jack

The Bitterness Irony With Obama’s Supporters

Obamma Supporters

I’ve taken a good bit of heat for my posting on Obama’s recent comments about Pennsylvanians and small town Americans. That’s fine, I don’t expect or want everyone to agree with me here, that would make this a boring and pointless web site given that it is meant to spawn conversation.

But there is an irony that I feel needs to be pointed out. That post had more comment replies than any other I’ve ever published here, yet there are currently only about 10 showing because many had to be removed for foul language.

Site Note: I do not wish to censor opinions on this site, but I will keep it “family friendly” at all costs. If you wouldn’t hear something on prime time television don’t post it here… it will be deleted. buxtohispano.com is about openly expressing and discussing opinions from all perspectives, but it is not going to become another KOS or HuffPost shout-fest where the loudest prevail. Bullies beware! If a comment is off-topic, absolutely pointless, strictly insulting or in any way obscene it will be removed, period.

My recent posting was an attempt to openly explain why some folks might have taken offense to Obama’s comments in a constructive and detailed manner because I believe the best way to understand the differences we have is to understand the environment and circumstances that make us different.

We can never really walk in another man’s shoes, but I believe we can become familiar with the landscape that the other man has walked across–and through that become more understanding of why his perspective may be different from our own in a meaningful way that broadens our own lives.

So, the irony of my posting and the following comments (many of which had to be deleted) is that those comments all clearly came from Obama supporters, and the tone was clearly bitter in nature.

A few excerpts (cleansed of obscenities for publication, though grammar and spelling were left unchecked) include:

  1. The HRC machine is grasping at straws, the country wants change and is bitter about where we’re at. Obama was correct.
  2. What’s the matter small town dips&$#@ [people], can’t stand a black man telling the truth about you?
  3. No real people are offended by his comment, this is pure media garbage approved and paid for by Clinton.
  4. The Clinton failures have come home to roost and now the morons want to blame Obama for that
  5. Obama is closer to blue collar small town America then millionare Clinton, what don’t you get about that?
  6. Anyone upset about Obama’s comments is either f*@&ing predjudiced or too f*@&ing dumb to understand them, which are you?
  7. When will Hillary just quit? She can’t win!!!

Where I tried to paint a candid picture that could give a sense of how the majority of Pennsylvanians I know feel and live, including enough background to explain how they’ve gotten to where they are in a constructive way hoping to prompt some open and more informed conversation, Obama’s supporters–at least based on the showing that commented here–seem to prefer to bring a condescending, demeaning and even bitter approach to the discussion.

If these are the first steps towards uniting the country as Obama has pledged to do I fear we’re heading down not just the wrong path following his lead, but a very dangerous path.

On being elitist

Let me thank all of the Obama supporters who took the time to explain how I just don’t understand what Obama was really saying. It’s good to know there are so many helpful among you that are willing to translate his clear English for this dumb Pittsburgher.

Of course, there’s always the chance that I and many others did actually understand his words perfectly, and by “explaining” them for us now what you’re really doing is making apologies.

By telling me (or others) how to interpret the statements in this way, you only add fuel to the argument that Obama is not in touch with average America. Your attempts to decode and translate his meaning on our behalf is even more condescending and divisive than his original comments were.

The comments are being taken out of context

Really? Because the full statement, verbatim, is available on about a million and six news sites right now. Are you suggesting that by digesting the entire thing we’re missing part of it? Were there secret, silent additions to the comments that only a “true believer” can grasp?

On the calls for Clinton to drop out

Okay, this is going off of bitter-gate but was brought up again in the comments so I want to address it because I’m plain sick and tired of these poser democrats who obviously hate the democratic process.

What numbers matter in a primary election? Votes and delegates.

What’s the current spread in the popular vote with a full 20% of the contests having yet to be held? Under 3%

Which candidate has an unsurmountable lead in delegates? Neither.

In other words, this race has no clear winner in sight, so why should either candidate call it quits?

Wait, I know, because some of you don’t want to let democracy–you know, that thing where everybody says their piece and then the winner is decided–some of you don’t want to let that process play out.

Give me a break and stop trying to subvert and thwart our democratic process just to favor someone you support. That’s the behavior I’d expect to see from some republicans in an election, not fellow democrats.

You either embrace and believe in democracy, or you don’t. And calling for the premature end to a virtually tied race is a clear way to show that you don’t.

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