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What Matters Most on Election Day?

Twitter Vote Report - real people in real time providing voting house coverage

Twitter Vote Report - real people in real time providing voting house coverage

So, what matters more? Who wins? Or that America holds a fair and honest election?

I’m guessing most people will say both are crucial to our future, and that’s a fair compromising answer to the question.

Well, we can’t individually control who will win, though we can each play our equal parts in that decision–but we can individually help to ensure a fair and honest election takes place.

The only requirement for a fair and honest election is transparency. Lets face it, you can’t hide cards up your sleeve if you don’t have any sleeves.

Forget relying on the mainstream media to watchdog our election process. First, that’s our job and not theirs to begin with, and second they only cover the sensational. They don’t care about the news as much as the ratings.

So, it’s up to us to force transparency in the process. After all, it is about “We the People”, so it should be our duty.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say voting is a right that we have, not a privilege nor an obligation (silence does make a statement too). The real civic duty each of us has as Americans isn’t in casting our votes, but in safeguarding the right of everyone else to cast theirs.

And that’s what makes Twitter Vote Report so appealing to me. Here’s a way that anyone with access to a phone can share with everyone their experiences at the voting houses coast to coast.

Were there problems in your district? Long lines? Broken machines? Was everything smooth and efficient? By sharing your experience in real time and in a completely non-partisan manner this lets us bring everything that happens out into the light to protect our rights as a united nation.

Here’s a quick video about Twitter Vote Report, and I urge you to jump in and participate. It only takes a few seconds to share your experience and it’s for the good of us all.

Oh, and while you’re on Twitter don’t forget to follow me (add me as a friend or contact), I’ll tweet you for it later. :)

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Posted by Scott Bannon on November 3, 2008.

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