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All Democrats In The Room, Please Gather On The Same Page

Scott Bannon Posted by Scott Bannon

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Forget about Health Care Reform. My experience with Washington Watching (not nearly as fun as Girl Watching by the way), but after seeing even the gifted orator, President Obama, stumble repeatedly while trying to present the case to live audiences my experience tells me that true Health Care Reform is now dead in the water.

I have a feeling what we’re going to watch play out over the next few months now is just a dragged out, futile attempt to find some politically face-saving method for the administration and supporters in congress to bow out gracefully.

Unfortunately, real Health Care Reform won’t be falling to articulate arguments made during healthy national debate and discussions; and it isn’t falling to make way for any better ideas or plans brought forward by opponents…No, true Health Care Reform will go away for one single, sadly disgusting reason–because Democrats lack the ability to get–or stand–together on the same page.

If there’s any upside, it’s that the Americans who put Democrats in charge of bringing change will likely grow tired of their inability to act much faster than it took to grow weary of the abuses and hypocrisies suffered under the last Republican reign.

So, within just one or two short election cycles the Democrats will be back in their familiar, more comfortable minority where they can hide their dysfunctional nature behind cries of “It’s not our fault, the Republicans are in charge”… oh, happy days!

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