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Leave Wal-Mart alone

Accountability lies directly with the shoppers, not the shop

Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price

I get it, corporate greed, the purchase of politicians, using illegal workers, the selling of guns and refusals to sell the morning after pill upsets people, but get over yourself already.

Wal-Mart is a business, and like any business in a free society and free-market has the right to decide what products it will or will not carry. If the upper management of Wal-Mart has opted to sell guns (which some claim are often used to execute post-birth abortions) but not sell the morning after pill, this isn’t a political issue to waste our time debating, it’s a business decision. As consumers, you have the same right to decide whether or not you will spend your money at Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Carla’s Corner Crap-’n-Crap.

Beyond that, it’s a motivated waste of time and energy for people to attempt to influence the inventory decisions of any company.

Don’t get me wrong, gun control is a real issue, so is the individual right to privacy and abortions. But Wal-Mart isn’t the battleground.

Placing blame on Wal-Mart for senseless shootings just because they sell guns and ammo is like blaming the bartender for your alcoholism. It doesn’t display a true concern or passion in your convictions, it shows that you lack personal accountability.

Someone once said to me, “but, kids get hold of those guns and kill each other”. So what? That’s Wal-Mart’s fault? Maybe, if they illegally sold the guns or ammunition to kids. But since I haven’t heard of that case in courts I’ll assume the obvious happens, kids get hold of Dad’s, Grandpa’s or Uncle Dave’s gun and kill each other. Or, in home burglarys bad people get hold of Dad’s, Grandpa’s or Uncle Dave’s gun and kill each other.

In either of these instances, it’s Dad, Grandpa or Uncle Dave who should be shouldering the guilt over how their possessions were used, not Wal-Mart for legally selling a product to a lawful adult consumer in the first place.

As for the purchasing of politicians, again I’ll argue that the corruption is with the system that not only allows this to happen but encourages it, not the individual or corporation who operates within. It’s the dirty secret we don’t seem capable of acknowledging, in America anyone running for an elected position is for sale. They make themselves for sale because they know without the funds they can’t get the position. It’s a corrupt system no doubt, but to place the blame on people or entities who have to operate within it for playing by the rules they’re given is just wrong.

Oh, yes, the illegal workers issue. I can’t justify or argue in favor of this one. However, I will say that law enforcement has to be allowed to do its job here, and the masses can show their support or condemnation for Wal-Mart by simply spending their money there or not.

I honestly doubt that Jane Doe and family will stop buying at Wal-Mart over this though, after all she’s still wearing Nike shoes, driving on Bridgestone Firestone tires and dressing in Gifford’s clothing line (sold at Wal-Mart). All of these products have been tied to child and slave labor in Third World nations over recent times.

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Posted by Scott Bannon on November 21, 2005.



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