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Will Obama Send Troops to Mexican Border?

Matthew Avitabile Posted by Matthew Avitabile

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It’s beginning to creep into the news. Violence is in the rise in Mexico and drug cartels are battling the central government. Drugs are still pouring into the country, and cross-border killings are not ceasing.

And so, what will our government do about it? We’ve increased our border patrol along the Rio Grande and have sent some National Guard troops, as well. However, the plans for the southern border fence have been scrapped and we’re still at a loss about what to do.

Originally posted at Jumping in Pools.

And now our own reports call Mexico close to a “failed state.” Mexico’s government has sent troops into violent areas, only to see the attacks continue. Beheaded bodies are found frequently and local officials are corrupt.

What President Obama can do:

* Deploy up to 50,000 additional border patrol and National Guard troops along the border in order to stem the flow of illegal drugs and aliens.

* Ask Congress to complete the southern border fence, reaching from San Diego to the Gulf of Mexico.

* Sell the Mexican military our excess or outdated recon planes, armored personnel carriers, and perhaps some modern UAVs to patrol their troubled areas.

* Deploy UAVs along the border, linked to local military and border patrol stations.

* Ask Colombia to send some anti-terrorism experts to Mexico in order to stop the cartels and stem the drug trade.

* Announce the establishment of military tribunals for non-citizen drug cartel leaders suspected of murder in the United States.

* Announce restrictions on Mexican goods if additional drugs are brought into the country.

Whether the new President will do this is another thing. However, any actions he takes should consider the integrity of our borders and attempt to work with the Mexican government against these agitators.

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