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War Between India and Pakistan Must be Avoided

Matthew Avitabile Posted by Matthew Avitabile

Disgusting terror attacks have been committed on India’s soil. For India, they can never look back to a time before they were hit by unwarranted and revolting terrorist attacks. But there is a chance to change the future.

Because of the attacks, tension between India and Pakistan have skyrocketed. India has accused “elements in Pakistan” for the attacks, and Pakistan has warned India that if it feels threatened, it will amass troops on its border with India. Pakistan has promised India action, but says it will not stand for knee-jerk reactions from India. Another problem is that both countries are nuclear powers.

This statement may be obvious, but in a time like this, it must be said: A war between Pakistan and India must be avoided. India may wish to send its troops into Pakistan to search for terroristic elements, which Pakistan will problably not allow. India will demand that terrorists be brought to justice, though.

There is a clear answer that must be adressed, but will almost definately not take place. Pakistan can show India its intention of bringing the terrorists to justice by allowing the Indian military into their country. In conjunction with Pakistan’s military, India would bring the Lashkar-e-Taiba militant group to bear responsibility. This should be done under the supervision of other nations, and possibly the UN. This would keep both India and Pakistan in-line. Should this take place, and India and Pakistan were successful in destroying Lashkar-e-Taiba, their relations would be strengthened, India would get justice, and war would be avoided.

The problem is the former difficulties between India and Pakistan, and their dispute over Kashmir. I don’t think that Pakistan would trust India enough and vice versa. But a great and proud nation like India should be able to put problems aside for justice, Pakistan should do the same, and they should work together for freedom and peace.

May God bless India and watch over them and the nation of Pakistan.

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