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There’s a reason convicted drug dealers can’t be pharmacists

Are they serious?

Alert, alert!

I’ve ranted on Political Correctness plenty of times, it’s where I split with most of my liberal friends. I suppose I’m just simple, or perhaps even simple minded. But I believe ‘that which we call a rose–by any other name would smell as sweet’, so just call it a rose. This kind of simplicity allows for everyone to be on the same page at the same time, and in a world full of, well, a world of drama and chaos, it’s already hard enough to keep people on the right track, so don’t confuse them further with crap language.

Understanding this position I’ve adopted on Political Correctness will help (in theory) prevent the most softened PC’ers from experiencing the tragedy that I imagine could happen if they read the rest of this post without my preface, their heads would just explode. That’d be an awful sight, especially for anyone reading this from an Internet Cafe or on their Laptop while riding on public transportation. I’m thinking of the kids here; who might be around you. We must protect the little ones from seeing anything disturbing, right?

Earlier this week I learned, as did many, that our leadership is relying on a company based in the United Arab Emirates to handle port security here in America. This shocked and surprised me on several levels.

The obvious–what right minded individual could ever come up with the idea of putting anyone from the Middle-East in charge of security where our greatest threat comes from people from the Middle-East? I’ll make no apologies to the PC’ers for generalizing or profiling on this. Security is… well… pretty serious business and we’re talking about protecting lives here. Would anyone think it’s a responsible solution to our southern border problems if we began hiring Banditos to patrol the crossings? Sure, the mindless would feel at ease seeing squad cars on the roads and it might even prove a fair social program to deflate Mexico’s unemployment numbers, but… No, of-course not. Would anyone have thought it responsible to hire some of those suddenly unemployed German soldiers to drive busloads of Jews home from camp after World War II? Give me a break.

I’m not suggesting that the U.A.E. company or anyone working for it isn’t of the highest quality in their respective fields or of sound character; and I’m not even suggesting that it’s really like ‘letting the inmates run the asylum’. I’m simply saying it doesn’t even hint of “safe and secure” in perception.

What’s the problem here? Can’t we do security in this country? Atlantic City and Vegas have it figured out pretty well, just try thinking of an old friend’s phone number in your head while sitting at a casino table and you’ll find yourself suddenly chained naked to a chair in some back room waiting for your ride into the desert or a boat out to sea. They’ve got security down to a science, why can’t the U.S. Government do this? We’ve blown it with airport security so far and now it looks like we’re opening a window of opportunity, whether real or just perceived, at our seaports too.

I’m not offering a solution here, it seems obvious to me. Then again, dolt!

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Posted by Scott Bannon on February 20, 2006.



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