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Suport the troops, send them to Congress!

An amazing number of veterans are intent on taking command.


It’s reported that there are 95 veterans, many from Iraq and Afghanistan, running for seats and hoping to get elected to the House or Senate in 2006. A small majority (estimated 55 to 40) are running as Democrats, but the reasoning may well be bipartisan.

One such veteran with 20 years in the Air Force and Bronze Star service during the 1991 Gulf War, Jay Fawcett from Colorado says, “a significant number of us who’ve served are looking at this administration particularly — and Congress doesn’t get off the hook — and saying, `What’re you doing? What’s the plan?’”

Navy veteran Bill Winter said, “One of the things I think is behind this movement is, we’re not stupid in the military. We know when we’ve been used and misused.”

Past elections that followed World War II and the Vietnam War were also heavily populated with veterans. Many World War II veterans felt they could lend their experience and leadership qualities to domestic service, a majority of Vietnam War veterans felt a change of leadership was needed.

The current group of veterans seem to lean towards the “change is needed” mentality once again, but regardless of the underlying reasons, it’s a tribute to our country that those who sacrifice so much in times of conflict are willing to continue their service to the nation in public office.

One positive thing that I hope will come of this is an end to the “Swift Boating” of men and women who wore their uniform and served their country during election campaigns. Special Interest groups who lean favorably to one side or the other politically–degraded American politics to it’s lowest point during the 2004 elections by belittling and demeaning the sacrifices and service of opposition party veterans.

To disagree with a candidate’s politics is fine, but always honor their service. It’s not all fair in love and war, and such despicable tactics from either side of the political aisle are nothing short of a disservice to all veterans, but a black-eye to the whole of America.

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Posted by Scott Bannon on February 7, 2006.



3 Responses

  1. I really dont think that we should be in war.

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    by Anonymous on Jun 22, 2008 at 12:29 am

  2. because we are using a hole bunch ofmoney to kill peopl. What do you think?

    Reply to this specific comment

    by Anonymous on Jun 22, 2008 at 12:31 am

  3. I agree to the extent that I believe war must only be a last resort, and when entered into earlier it is being used as a tool by the small minded.

    That said, and despite what I felt about our entering Iraq when we did, I have as many questions about us leaving now as I do about us staying.

    In other words, I have a heart-felt support for the immediate withdrawal of our troops to avoid any more losses for our heroes in uniform. However, what will that mean to the innocent men, women and children of Iraq who will become victims to the Civil War that would be sure to ensue?

    It will be brutal, remember there’s not just the Iraqi factions who will be fighting but also the terrorists who’ve found their new home in the chaos we’ve created in Iraq.

    While it’s easy to say, and I admit to having done so in the past myself, that we should leave them to decide their own future now–the fact is that we created a very bad situation and have some responsibility for the outcome now.

    To simply pull out now and allow ‘all hell to break loose’ would put the blood of those innocent lives on our hands forever.

    It’s not something that I believe we can or will find easy answers to, but there’s a lot more than money to think about while searching for them.

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    by Scott Bannon on Jun 22, 2008 at 12:31 am

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