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Remember When: Freedom and Liberty were more than rhetoric?

Scott Bannon Posted by Scott Bannon

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Freedom’s just another word for… censored?

Online Gambling

I read an incredibly disturbing story this week, about new legislations in the state of Washington which prohibits the writing of certain topics by residents. Let me repeat that as it may not have struck home the first time. Residents of Washington, American citizens, are now prohibited by law from writing about something. Do you know what that ‘something’ is? Has to be terror related, right? Wrong! It’s gambling. That’s right, American citizens in Washington are not allowed to write about online gambling unless the context paints gambling in a negative light.

The state apparently felt that legislation banning the participation in online gambling didn’t go far enough, so it added to the newly passed legislation that even writing about Internet gambling in a way that’s promotional is somehow aiding an illegal industry and punishable.

Magazines which are related to the gambling industry have begun canceling subscriptions from residents of Washington out of fear of prosecution for providing them with… you go it, reading material.

People, my fellow Americans… Freedom and Liberty aren’t words we can allow to become quaint and nostalgic. They are active principals in–and building blocks of–the American way of life. If we lose these what are we? Certainly not what our founding father’s envisioned. No longer the land of the free.

Other nations have had similar laws that banned certain reading materials. Most were communistic, one was run by Nazis and several others currently produce radicals who join terrorist organizations and fly airplanes into buildings. Oh, yes, and one just tested it’s missile capabilities on the 4th of July. Do we really want to become a nation that follows these examples?

This is nothing less than a twisted revisiting of book burning where the state is deciding what knowledge people (American citizens–because it seemed worth repeating) should or shouldn’t share. What’s next, witch burning? Well, maybe they’ll begin with Ann Coulter.

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