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President Bush Put Principle Before Party and Popularity

Matthew Avitabile Posted by Matthew Avitabile

For all of the talk about President Bush overreaching his power and being such a terrible President, it appears that the haters were wrong. President Bush made the conscious decision to place integrity before his legacy. He decided to put ideals in front of winning elections.
Originally posted at Jumping in Pools.

He put his country first.
For example, an interview with Fox News where the President stated that it was more important to do the right thing than to do the right thing politically.

“During the darkest days of Iraq, people came to me and said, ‘You’re creating incredible political difficulties for us,’” the current president said as his term draws to a close. “And I said, ‘Oh, really? What do you suggest I do?’ And some suggested retreat, pull out of Iraq.

“But I had faith that freedom exists in people’s souls and therefore, if given a chance, democracy and Iraqi-style democracy could survive and work,” the president said. “I didn’t compromise that principle for the sake of trying to, you know, bail out my political party.”

An honest politician? That’s change I can believe in.

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