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Monitor The Earmarks

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I’ve posted over and over again about wasteful government spending. It drives me mad that we the people waste valuable time squabbling over the funding for programs that help people while our leaders in Washington D.C. waste our valuable dollars on ensuring their re-elections.

Today I learned of a new web based database application launched by LegiStorm which makes it easy for you and me to watch and monitor the Earmarks being added into legislation and hold those who squander our tax dollars personally accountable in a candid and transparent fashion.

I only wish LegiStorm had added in a search based RSS feed creator so that you could run a search for a specific member of congress, and with the results there would be a custom RSS feed URL created so that any additional Earmarks that member sponsors could be tracked in user’s feed readers.

It could also open up some interesting uses of the data by other developers or site owners as well.

As for using the site, I think that while we’re watching how wasteful some of our leaders may be, this tool can also be used to point out and applaud those legislators who act fiscally responsible on our behalf as well.

I’ve been guilty of this myself, but I think it’s equally vital, yet rarely done, to highlight our leaders who are truly working–and fighting–for us.

I was reminded of this as soon as I visited the new database web page today and found the first element on the page is actually a “Member Spotlight” block displaying Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-HI) and mentioning his service to the nation in WW II and the Medal of Honor he received.

We should hold our leaders to high standards, but it’s also good to remember they’re all just people, like us, and that their public service and accomplishments deserve respect and admiration…even when they screw up now and then.

So, Kudos to LegiStorm and I encourage everyone to visit the site and see what’s being Earmarked across the board, and by your representatives specifically. And then take the simple step of letting your elected officials know how you feel about their spending habits–otherwise this new tool is just eye-candy on a web site. Make it useful and be an active participant in your government.

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