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Latest reality show is a huge hit: Supreme Court Supremacy

Scott Bannon Posted by Scott Bannon

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The Left and Right battles over nominations of Supreme Court Justices belittles the importance of our land’s highest court

Bush and Alito - source:, perhaps I’m ultra naive — but I’ve always believed deep down that partisanship politics only went so far and in the end our leaders would ultimately realize that the importance of the Supreme Court was higher than party idealogy.

A nomination to the Supreme Court isn’t something to take lightly, nor to be swayed by small groups of radicals just because they show up on election day. The United States of America is built upon a constitution that encompasses and protects every citizen, not just voters.

Yet, in the face of sinking poll numbers and lost support among those very radical thinkers, the President accepted Harriet Myers’ withdrawal and quickly filled the void with Samuel Alito.

I don’t know enough about Alito to make a judgment on him at this point, but I do know that the radical conservatives are dancing in the streets at his nomination and our President seems to have a renewed spring in his step for the last few days. As one who doesn’t believe in coincidences — I’m left wondering just how much American’s have lost in these times of polarized politics where the limits of partisanship seem to have disappeared?

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