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It’s The Spend-Happy Congress Strikes Back

2 Days ago there was a new hope. We witnessed something rare and amazing in American politics, the voice of the people was heard and Congress struck down the horribly stupid Bill to bailout horribly wealthy CEO’s, Owners, Presidents and Board Members of horribly managed financial institutions.

You can debate why Congress voted this Bill down, but I’ve looked over the rolls and it’s amazingly clear that those who voted against the Bill are mostly those who are fighting to keep their jobs in Congress this November.

In other words, the Reps who could least afford to upset their constituents listened to them.

That makes the deduction pretty clear to me, Reps offices have been flooded with calls, emails and letters since Bush first spoke of a bailout package, and not one of those Reps has stood on camera saying that people were contacting them to support the bailout.

No, people were saying the obvious, don’t waste my hard earned dollars bailing out flawed businesses that will continue to operate in flawed manners.

This bailout is nothing more than a band-aid on a wound that needs stitches, and people have a good sense of that.

People see that not all financial institutions are failing right now. Only those who operated with questionable–sometimes terribly silly–styles.

Those which were fiscally conservative and wise are in an okay position today. Sure, they’re taking minor stock hits because the market as a whole is shaky, but no matter what they’ll still be here tomorrow. Banking will still be here tomorrow, insurance will still be here tomorrow, credit will still be here tomorrow… no matter what happens with this bailout fiasco.

And that begs the question nobody from Wall Street to Washington D.C. to the media seems to be asking, why not let these bad businesses fail and then come out on the other side with a strong and healthy market that’s once again built on real value rather than phony accounting made of fuzzy math? Sure, we’ll all suffer through the darkest days and feel the pangs, but we’ll all be better off because of it once we reach the other side. Band-aids are easy, stitches hurt, I get it… but sometimes you need to have the stitches to heal properly and this seems like one of those times.

Well, it seems that John Q. Public has been asking these questions, and told his Reps to oppose this amazingly brilliant Bill of corporate welfare that will only keep enabling these fat-cats to continue operations in stupidity.

But wait! Never underestimate the determination of those on the dark side. They have a plan to crush our new hope and get what they want at all costs (to our wallets).

Our spend-happy Reps who have been ignorant to the voice of the people all along and support this madness have found a solution to revive the dead Bill…

wait for it…

They’re going to add more wasted tax dollars into it in the form of Pork as a sort of “signing bonus” teaser to get Reps who followed the will of the people and opposed the Bill 2 days ago to turn around and change their minds now.

Yep, they’re using our tax dollars to buy-off those few Reps who cared enough to listen to our calls and letters. Ain’t that America?

Don’t let it happen my friend. Don’t let your Reps, and your voice, be bought and stolen with your own tax dollars. Call them, email them, show up at their doors and say “Hell no!”, otherwise you’re going to be paying for this for the next 30 years. AND we’re going to face the same trouble again because these businesses and our markets won’t be any better than they were 6 months ago due to the bailout. They will find their way down the same damn path, and we will see this all again, soon!

So tell your Reps to oppose this stupidity or understand that we people are taking names on this one.

We’ll remember the names of those supporting this monumental attempt to thwart the Democratic process and drown out your voice using your own tax dollars as ransom, because they’ll be up for re-elections very soon too.

In-fact, I’ll be making a list and publishing it here for all to see. It will include the names of those who initially supported the bailout, those who ultimately opposed it, and those who sold your voice for Pork.

I think it’s important to know who really represent us in Congress, as opposed to those representing themselves or other special interest groups and this list can be the keystone to that.

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Posted by Scott Bannon on October 2, 2008.

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