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Going Green in Style?

The Modern Girl's Go-To Site for Looking Sassy and Saving the Planet

The Modern Girl’s Go-To Site for Looking Sassy and Saving the Planet

It’s been a dilemma for many women. You want to do your part to protect the environment and animals of the world, yet you also want to look beautiful and dress in style.

Well, RedLipsGreenHeart.com is here to help.

Providing tips, tricls and how-to’s on everything from skin care to fashion with a focus on staying Green, Natalie Yonan, the creator of the site, is hoping to help women connect their desires of beauty and Green living in easy ways.

And it isn’t just about individual beauty and fashion, but there’s even a section on the site for the latest in Green Home Decorating.

All in all it’s a pretty neat idea, and a slightly new twist on the recent emergence of “Green” web sites and blogs, so check it out before you buy that next dress or makeup pack, you may just help to save the world.

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Posted by Scott Bannon on November 14, 2008.

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