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America may become more divided than it ever has been over Alito confirmation process

Scott Bannon Posted by Scott Bannon

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Just how wide can the great divide get?

Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr., left, paid a courtesy call Thursday to Senator Mark Pryor, Democrat of Arkansas - source: Carol T. Powers for The New York Times

Senators, an almost equal number from both parties it appears by my account, have some deep concerns over Judge Samuel A. Alito’s views on some very hot-topic issues.

The separation of Church and State, Abortion Rights — and the “scope of federal power under the Constitution” just to name a few.

The positive news is that it seems, at least on first glance that Senators from both sides of the aisle are taking this nomination very seriously and publicly speaking about their concerns and the “red flags” Alito’s past comments and actions have raised. I see this as a sign that some of our leaders, regardless of party affiliations, do indeed still have some sense of principal and that’s encouraging for the future.

In following the coverage so far, I believe we may see one of the ugliest Congressional episodes in our Nation’s history erupt during Alito’s confirmation hearings and show the real darkness that resides in American Politics.

If that happens we will see just how divided and polarized America really is. Sadly, it comes at a time when the ‘united’ part of “The United States” is needed most.

Image source: Carol T. Powers / The New York Times

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